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SnapOver Holster Clips


SnapOver Clips
WE now have Metal and Nylon injection molded SnapOver clips!
The metal 1.5" SnapOver clips have a 5/16" loop allowing them to close properly over a 1-1/2"x1/4" leather gun belt! 
These are stiff going on/off the belt but have excellent hold.  Clamping end is angled around bottom of the belt.  No tabs sticking out to hang up on shirts or gouge seats.
Metal 1.5" SnapOver clips are standard equipment on our ProTuck Holsters.
Nylon 1.5" SnapOvers are also available and Nylon or Kydex are standard on Clip-N-Go holsters.
1.75" SnapOvers are Nylon injection molded and sized for the larger 1-3/4 belts.
SnapOver clips are sold INDIVIDUALLY! Quantity 1 gets you ONE clip.

Price: $4.99
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