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ProTuck IWB Concealment Holster


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Metal SnapOver 1.5" Clips are standard on all ProTuck holsters!
Try us, we're so certain you'll appreciate our quality that if you don't agree it's a great value, send it back within two weeks and we'll refund your purchase.


We’ve been told our ProTuck Holsters are the best in the industry. And we believe once you’ve tried one, you’ll agree. We use the finest materials:
Premium 8-9oz vegetable tanned cow hide leather, available in Natural Tan or Black.  As a holster backer this provides a stable platform for the holster shell but remains flexible, forming to your body as you wear it. The more you wear it the more comfortable it gets.  Our Black leather is color dyed fully through the leather.
KYDEX® T for its superior forming and shape sustaining qualities. The gun shell is formed to provide proper retention, trigger protection with a generous sight channel to clear any sight.
Stainless steel and zinc coated mounting hardware hold the clips in place. While steel rivets secure the gun shell for wear and strength.
Metal SnapOver 1.5" Clips are standard.  Clamping end is angled around bottom of the belt. No tabs sticking out to hang up on shirts or gouge seats.
Rubber grommets hold the clips to avoid twisting and provide clearance for easy shirt tucking.
FITS ALL BARREL LENGTHS OF SPECIFIC MODELS.  Our ProTuck Holsters are open on the muzzle end to allow one holster to fit the Full-Size, Compact and Sub-Compact models of the same gun.  The difference is the overall length of the leather and whether it extends the full length.

KYDEX® T is a registered trademark of KYDEX,LLC

Your choice of leather cut at No Extra Charge!

Speed Grip Cut

Allows you to achieve the full grip while the gun is holstered.

Comfort Cut

Keeps leather between you and the grip for comfort.





Price: $54.95
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